Prevent component stretching along an axis


Hi I have a component that I want to prevent stretching when it’s scaled along the X axis, Say it’s 100mm wide and you scale if to 50mm then only the left half the component should be visible with the other half hidden / clipped off.


How about sharing the component you’ve got so we can see what needs to happen to it?


Window2.skp (285.7 KB)

It’s the “tileable leaded glass panel”, as you can see it’s to big to fit around the edge of the frame. I’d rather not make a new it unique and cut it in case I want to change the original…


To “cut” it dynamically, you’d need to divide the tile into smaller sections but I think it’ll be hard to manage it.

It also might be that this isn’t really suitable to be a Dynamic Component.


I can’t subdivide it as it is already made out of 4 quarters of another component. Even if I am not using dynamic components is there no way of forcing the X width of an instance without scaling? I am thinking like in layout when you scale and have maintain size turned on it just cuts hides the part of the model that doesn’t fit in the constrained box…


No. well, you could hide the edges of the components around the board in the frame. That would be as close as you could get to what is happening in LayOut. It’s really not comparable, though. Changing the size of the viewport in LayOut with scale maintained is more like cutting off the edges of a photo.

By rights the tiles should be trimmed equally on each side of the window. You would start at the center line and work out toward the sides. Cutting the window off on just one side would look awful.


It’s a 200 year old church I am not allowed to change the layout of the glass! We had to number every piece!


I think there is a “descaler” component that allows you to contain another component within it and it will do exactly what I want… but I can’t find a version for the version of sketchup I have!


So they just started at one side and placed diamonds until they ran out of space on the other side and let the diamonds get cut off where ever they fall?


Yes! Stupid I know…


Apprentice glazier/


Consider a different work flow
I would create a group of center lines to represent the diamonds and overlay this on the outline of the arch, or glazed area, centralizing, even cuts to all sides. For arch or circle, one can place new lines to make it easier for joints where possible, Then when happy explode the group and trim the result.
Then use whaats profile builder 2 to create the required sections and joints to follow and extend (a free trial)

you may consider the solid tools as well, as having a “scaling magic” and keeps layer and component names