Preserving Component Info when Saving As

Hi Folks,
I hope you can shed light on my lack of understanding:
I’m trying to understand how to make components available to others in a component library while preserving the information they were created with.
For example, I have a component assembly (embedded groups and components) - a window assembly for example. It has information associated with it. For example, a component description (much like the default Chris component description that describes Chris) and I have associated an IFC classification.
If I use RightClick/Save As and save it out as its own file it is exploded in the resultant file and all the information is lost - description, IFC classification etc.
This is not good, as that info needs to be available to other users when they import the component from the library.
Is there a way of preserving the info - am I missing something?

Hi Yorg,
The information isn’t lost, you can check by this: open new file and import the ‘saved as’ component.
Components are ‘wrapped entities’ which have been given properties. Glue to, axes,always face camera are all properties which you can easily see in the entity info or when you select properties in the components tray. When saved as, the outer wrapper of the components becomes the model (highest level) and those properties can be seen in the model info>file panel. The visibilty of the metadata is depedent on the level of context( (description of a deeply nested component is being displayed when ‘entering ‘ the shells of wrappers.
Check this article:

Components are nothing but little files within files

Scratch that - just read your response properly.
Great. Thanks so much.

that’s okay :slight_smile:

Interestingly, it does not seem to contain all information.
For example, I can’t see the IFC classification.
It seems a little introductory and half baked implementation of this IFC standard anyway.

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