Preloaded Autotext drop down menu

It would be nice to be able to make an auto text field that can have preloaded drop down options. Like you could preload the product names one time and just select which you would like to fill the field. This would be very useful to me and it seems like a relatively simple feature.

You can do that with labels and use component descriptions or if you create Dynamic Components, you can select from any of a number of the fields you add or you can use the Advanced Attributes for the components. Generally for my work I find just adding the product name, manufacturer part number and other similar stuff works. For custom parts such as those in the furniture pieces I model, the dimensions are automatically added to the description along with the Definition Name and then I just select that for the label in LayOut.


Yes this is something that I definitely see benefit in, but what if you want to reference something that isn’t particularly in the model. I just think that I would be very simple to add a autotext option just like different date options. It’s obviously a luxury but I think it would be nice for me to make several preloaded banks of different options for product types, typical manufacturers, etc…things that I type countless times a day and are in the middle of a paragraph of text not a callout like you’ve shown.

Instead of typing the text in LayOut, you could use a word processor to create it and auto fill text from your data base. Then insert the RTF file into LO. If you need to edit that text to change it, that’s easy enough.

I know that’s not adding a feature to LO but it’s something you can do right now without have to wait until a feature like that might get added.