Predetermined proceedure order makes for dynamic component failure



The Z Position (height), of a dynamic component, is entered into the dynamic “Component Options” by of a table.
The X Position of the dynamic component is determined using the “CURRENT(“Z”)” function in the attributes.
Because of the order in which the coordinates are determined in the attributes, X - Y then Z, the Z coordinate doesn’t return the current position that has been entered, it returns the Z position previously entered.


Stair Mockup Test.skp (142.9 KB)

This Model demonstrates the issue.

This is important because I am attempting to repair issues with my Dynamic stair case that is now broken.
With the help Pythagoreas and Tom Kluyskens from Trimble.


Just use Z, not current(“z”)


I will give it a shot when I get a chance this morning.


Thanks, it looks like this is going to work.
It did in the test so far.


Ge zijt in goede handen, dan!

Thou are in good hands, then!


Oddly enough applying the math, where a=Z; b=X and c=Y axes, and the height Z and length Y are known.
Using x=sqrt((yy)-(zz)), the point does not end up in the projected spot in the rail where it should.
I must have the angle (rotation) slightly off on the rail, see the uploaded portion of the model.

Well I will have to see if I can’t increase the accuracy of the rotation.