Precision Orbit


I would like to orbit with more precision, similar to how we use the rotate tool. Using the “Control” button gives a general plane ability, however I would like to just orientate by axis and degrees. Are there Shortcuts I am missing on this?? :confused:


Some special degrees? You can use scenes to get some often used view directions. Or you can use the position camera tool to select a precise viewing direction.


I do use scenes to create views, however I want to take an aerial view and rotate it 90* so the West wall is now on top of the screen instead of on the left… and so on…


Like with Thomthoms Camera tools?


Rotate thebdrawing axes so that green runs along the direction that needs to be pointing to the top of your screen.
Now right click on an axis in empty space and select ‘Align View’ in the context menu. Green will be pointing up and so is the geometry it was aligned to.

Rotate view (camera) by 90 degrees