Precision Alignment

No. I use a freeware app called LiceCap. There are some other ones too.

Thanks, will check the app out. Might be beneficial in my explanation of problems. Probably will be awhile before I would use for demonstrating solutions. :grinning:

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if you want to master any technique, record the steps, over and over until you have no wasted clicks or pauses…

save the last one as reference for the next time…



Can you set the direction of the water also in Model Info?

Only in the southern hemisphere.

I assume because of the Coriolis Effect, it will only go that way round in the Southern Hemisphere, @DaveR? :wink:

It’s some effect but I thought the Coriolis effect was a figment of someone’s imagination.

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The Coriolis effect is real, but weak on small scales. Apparently it would work theoretically, but any geometrical variations causing disturbance to the fluid flow would be stronger. But it used to be said that the water would drain from a washbasin opposite ways round in N and S hemispheres.

It does apply on large scales. Hurricanes in the N Atlantic, I believe, go the other way round from typhoons in the S hemisphere.

If I could have figured out how to put in a wink emoji, to indicate I was joking, it might have been better.

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There was a video on “smarter every day” in which an American and an Australian built round tanks a couple of meters across with very smooth sides and bottoms, and a drain hole in the center of the bottom. They filled the tanks with water, dripped some dye on the surface, then opened the drain to see which way the water swirled. They found that if everything was totally quiescent before opening, the water swirled opposite in the two hemispheres. But the effect was so weak that even a tiny disturbance or irregularly could overcome it.

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I can assure you our baths drain the other way, even our screws are left hand thread by default. Makes it really hard to work in the northern hemisphere because we keep trying to turn screw drivers and spanners etc the wrong way. So we go to the pub, even that is difficult as the feeling of the beer going down the wrong way is quite distressing. So we have another beer to get over it and …


It defies common sense that someone living in Egypt is traveling faster than someone living in Norway. Or that someone at the top of the Empire State Building is traveling faster than someone at street level. It’s this difference in relative speeds that produces the Coriolis force.

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Whenever I’m in Australia I drink my beer standing on my head, feels just like back home.

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I’m sure you think that’s what you are doing, but the truth of the matter is our beer is so strong that at the first mouthful you fall over backwards and hallucinate the rest of your evening.
How else would all those bazaar animals you all think we have exist.


I know by now you Claire (@ct103stu0) will have seen my follow up post about an easier way of making Kreg Pocket holes, but for later readers, I thought I’d add these links to related topics.

Coriolis effect is a made up term that trys to say the earth is spinning

Coriolis force is a lot like centrifugal force: a label for a particular term that pops out when you express Newton’s equations of motion in a rotating coordinate system.


“So we go to the pub, even that is difficult as the feeling of the beer going down the wrong way is quite distressing. So we have another beer to get over it and …”

OMGosh, that’s funny!

I just had some doubts about the direction of the brews, not the screws