Prebootstrapper error message

I was having an issue with 2016 Pro not converting Layout files to PDF’s on my Windows 7 pro desktop. The PDF converter works fine on my laptop. So I decided to remove SU 2016 and reinstall the program. Now, I get a “prebootstrapper” error message, and will not run the setup.exe file. HELP!

run setup by “Right Click > Run as Admin”.

No go. Next idea?

download and install the MS runtime libraries required by SU 2016 separately:

  - Microsoft Visual C++ Redist. 2015
  - Microsoft Universal C Runtime Update f. Win 7/8.x

run setups by “right-click > Run as Admin”.

Ah, I have not tried that… I’ll report back.

No go.


  - Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2+


Have you installed the C++ libs using ‘Run as administrator’ ?
Have you then installed SketchUp from the installer exe using ‘Run as administrator’ ?
Check that the SketchUp and Layout exe program files themselves are not set to run in Compatibility mode or to Always Run as Admin…

Yes, no go.

How would I check the SU and LO exe program files?

if you didn’t know that you probably haven’t changed anything there… “right-click on execuatbale or program link > Properties > Compatibility”.

Alright, I did that, and changed all to run as “Windows 7 compatible”… still no success.

don’t change anything as already elaborated by TIG.

  • open “Setup###.exe” with a ZIP application or rename from “Setup###.exe” to “” and double-click
  • copy complete content of setup package to a local drive by bewaring the directory structure
  • launch “Setup.EXE” by “RClick > run as Admin”
  • if this fails too: launch “Setup###.MSI” by “RClick > run as Admin”

What in the heck… I downloaded the MSI silent installer version from the SU help center, and it loaded right up. What is the difference between the two versions?

the MSI inside the setup package is the same as the MSI version from the SU Help Center. The setup routine additionally contains/downloads and installs the prerequisites listed above which are required for running SU.

I was trying to install the “(64-bit) Windows 10, 8, 7” version all along, not the “Silent Installer (MSI) 64-bit” version. Was this the issue?

the full setup contains/downloads and installs the prerequisites which are required for running SU, installing a pure SU by using the MSI does lead to a working SU only if the prerequisites are already on the system.

the issue arises if the installation of the prerequisites hangs/fails because of e.g. missing user rights or conflicts with already installed runtime libs or…

Well whatever it was, SU is up and running on my machine. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help!

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