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Hi all,

Back again for a simple fix, it’s just that I can’t get it to do what I want.I wish to draw corner posts for a box, 2 sides are square and 2 sides are curved. I can’t get the posts to be solid once I draw the curved sections.

Thanks for your help.
Post.skp (21.5 KB)


Just use pp tool to push one square side to other, the non solid is caused by small extraneous geo on one square side


Hi mac7595,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have done that, when I draw the 2nd curve and use P/P the solid side disappears?



Alternatively try Fredo’s CurviLoft Skinning tool on the two sets of 4 edge-sets…


Here is what is happening.

TropicalGuyCns.example of Post.skp (24.5 KB)


Did you try Follow Me? Draw the curve on the side of the square post,select the two edges shown selected in the screen shot, get Follow Me and click on the face between the curve and the vertical edge.


If the curves differ…


If you’re going to use Push/Pull, hit Ctrl before pushing the second side so you can extrude the second face byond the first. Then select all, intersect Faces>With Selection and erase the waste. Follow Me is easier and faster. And you only need to draw the curve on one side of the post.


Thanks Dave,

FollowMe worked , I guess it just a matter of finding all the different ways that you can do things in SU.


Thanks to all for your suggestions.


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