Possible to measure blocks with roundovers?

Hi friends,
I have several blocks, and I want to use the Dimension Tool to get measurements of the lengths. But the edges of the blocks all have roundovers on them. Is it possible to (easily) measure these blocks in a way that is giving me the accurate size I will need to cut these blocks in real life before I do the roundover? I know I can use the layout tool first and then apply the roundover, but I’m hoping to be able to do the roundover first since I will be making adjustments to sizes and coming back to old projects and tweaking them, etc. Thanks!

I should have read this question before the other because of hidden geometry.
You can turn hidden geometry on in View/Hidden geometry.
The Dimension tool will snap to the lines.

Hmm-that doesn’t seem to be doing what I’m asking. Imagine the above is a block of wood. I need to cut the block of wood to specific dimensions and then use a router to do the roundover. What I need to do is be able to measure the block as if the roundover is not there.

Without hidden geometry turned on, just dimension to endpoints you know are there:

When hidden geometry is turned on, there are additional possibilities: