Pop Up Rectangle on Imported DEM

Hi , new user looking for help as I imported a DEM (downloaded from USGS), which went okay. Then was able to draw a rectangle. Wanted to pop it up to form the frame of a building but it would not let me select it to do that. Further the flip face option was also greyed out. Was able to do this process after bringing in a Google Map area. Probably a rookie mistake somewhere.

If the model file is <3MB attach it to your reply so we can have a look at the problem.
Larger files can be shared via cloud storage services like Google Drive.

Thanks for taking a look at this. I have put it on my Google Drive as it was too large to attach. I can share it with you but would need an email to do so.

I looked again at the DEM and it turns out it is a 1 degree by 1 degree variety. USGS put out spatially different DEMs using the same format and distributed with *.dem naming convention. I then went and got a 30 sec type and the functionality works as it should. I suspect there is a formatting complication that is the sticking point. I have a way to generate dem format files so I will subset the larger one and export to the more traditional dimensions.