Pop-up "help" text boxes during texture edit

I am trying to find a way to turn off “help” text that pops up during certain operations, specifically in this instance when I’m editing a texture. If I go into the texture to edit and need to position one of the pins, I get a pop-up note where I need to position the pin and it prohibits me from clicking in that spot. See attached image…basically I want to disable these “help” tabs from popping up.

texture edit screenshot

That should be changed IMO. In the Mac version the note is always to the lower right of the cursor and doesn’t get in the way. Even if I plan to move the pin to the lower right the text box disappears when the operation begins.

Agreed. This has been frustrating ever since downloading 2020. I don’t recall how it was in 2019 but I don’t ever remember having this problem before.

On my installation of 2020 the pop up shows to the right and at some distance from the pin.
Screenshot - 4_12_2020 , 10_04_10 PM

So far I haven’t found a way to get the message to cover the pin the cursor is on.

Disregard everything I said. It has to do with my side monitor not being HD (I know, I know…). I dragged SketchUp to my laptop screen and all is well again.

Appreciate your comments. Now back to work.


I was wondering if it might have something to do with screen scaling but I couldn’t even get the message to the left side of the pin.