Pool water shine / gloss doesn't seem right after applying caustics

open sketchup and go to the materials palette, there look for the ones that say water, and select the water pool ligth texture. water caustics are already pre-configured, no need to add parameters

They’re saying that SU’s native pool water material has V-Ray attributes that can be seen when rendered. Can’t say this is a better option than the Cosmos material but at least you know you have other options.

with a good background texture they look great and even better if you add lighting.

You are right, different hdri with clouds can fix the problem, it’s all about the angle of light and reflection elements around, while water reflection is right, but I did somethng else I will share it soon when it’s rendered:)

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No I’m not using Sketchup textures with caustics, that is not something to be done when we have VRay, I fixed it I will share the problem soon

was just a small move:)

I just lowered the water level and the walls of the pool are creating different shadows and reflection this way bringing forth the water reflection effect

I honestly don’t see any change but I’m glad you fixed the bug

:laughing: that’s was funny, I was thinking also for a moment if there is a difference, but there is

The water there at the beginning of the pool seems like is turning into jelly, but still not bad

That’s what pool water that is not absolutely still looks like in a photograph. Jelly or wallpaper paste.

Well here i did another change, I darkened the color of tiles under the water since when they get wet in reality get darker, and I did soften the waves, i guess this is better now

I recommend you to add nodes, on vray use option nodeB to generate more realistic caustics, the render looks very good just that detail