Polygonal object, faces not symmetric to XYZ

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Building a model from realtime world. Faces are not parallel to XYZ. Each new face that I create, often looks like independent from others. I should zoom the the corner to maximum to see that related part are not connected, and there is another point, very close to thirst, and so you can not finish the figure. Sometimes diagonals helps to finish part, but I am sure this is not the best way to solve it. It can take infinity to fix this. Each time check each corner. And the model from 100 such pcs ;( May be I don’t know some basic techniques or useful tool, but it’s really painful to align this by ‘Line Tool’.

Here is the sample.
Small is only a draft. Try to make a detail from it.
Medium is diagonal fixed shape. Try to remove diaganal line and restore the shape.
Big one is healfy shape.


Would you be so kind, to check what the thing it is?

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Yeah, what really helps is to let go of trying to ‘Draw’ and start modelling! You are a wood-guy, so think of taking a piece of wood or plate from you’re local provider and start cutting!:

Now, you’re just drawing faces and edges. Sometimes they are on the same plane, sometimes not! This is where the diagonals are needed to 'fix’the beam. When drawing** rectangles**, you are always in the same plane. Push/Pull to give it ‘volume’, get the protractor to cut at the right angle!

Also, by drawing along the Axes, you get a bounding box which is much easier to handle with the Move-tool.

BTW. while startin a new ‘Part’ (Beam,rafter etc)one should always leave the edges and faces on the default Layer0. They mean nothing untill you ‘wrap them in a container’ (Container=Group or component) Then they become items which visiility can be controlled by a Layer other then Layer0…

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Thanks Mike! That’s what I need!

Just not understand the idea about Leyer0 particles inside Wood group. I understand that all primitives should be at Layer0, but grouped objects can be at any purposed layer. But how it can be usefull ? I have a lot of materials in my model, and each one at it’s own layer. Both: primitives (lines, triangles, etc) and grouped objects are in the same layer respect of material (wood, concrete, pipes, etc).

All geometry needs to be left on layer 0. Assign groups and components to layers to control visibility. If you take the geometry off layer 0,strange things can and will happen to the model at some point.