"Poison" sheet in Layout: Need to delete sheet without loading it

I am having a problem with a single sheet in my layout document. All the other sheets work fine but this one causes Layout to hang. I can’t delete the sheet from the Pages tab in the tray since every time I highlight it, Layout tries to load it. Attempting to load it causes Layout to hang. Is there any other way to delete a sheet in Layout, a way that does not use the Pages tab?

What version of SketchUp/LayOut are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

There isn’t an easy way to delete the sheet without opening the file. You could try changing the file extension to .zip and editing the contents although that might result in totally corrupting the file. If you try it, make a copy first and work with that.

Can you share the file?

Do you have any guesses as to what might be causing it to hang on that page? Specific content? Maybe you just need to give it time to render a complex viewport?

Ah, sorry, I forgot to update my version. I’m on Pro 2021, Windows. It could be some complex geometry that is taking a long time to load. There are some chairs on that page I got from the 3D Warehouse that I noticed too late were way heavy. They could be causing the trouble. I have deleted them from the other pages. What’s the longest I should expect a page load to take? I have waited over 15 minutes with no joy.
Here is a link to the file, I can’t seem to upload it here, the poison page is #11.
(link deleted for privacy)

I’ll take a look.

There appears to be information in the document that you might not want the whole world to have. If that’s the case, you might want to edit your post and remove the link.

I think the student desk chairs are definitely the problem. I deleted them from the Sketchup model and Page 11 opens quickly and easily for me. I undid that change and I’ve been waiting for for a while for that page to update. My recommendation would be to either drastically simplify the component or replace it with a different, lighter one.

I also see that the desk component really needs attention due to the incorrect scale. I’m not sure that the incorrect scale has anything to do with the rendering time but…

Yep, that did the trick. I did not think to go back to the model to delete the offending geometry. I thought I had replaced the chairs with lighter, simplified ones but maybe I messed that up.

I have to work on my scaling skills, too, apparently.

Thanks for the help!

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It’s a good idea to purge unused stuff from your SketchUp file and in general, be kind of brutal about reducing components of unneeded geometry.

As for the scaling thing, if you create a component and then need to scale it, right click on the component and choose Scale Definition.

I notice some issues with your layer usage in LayOut. You seem to have viewports on incorrect layers, for example.

There is a problem I’m trying to work out, where certain SketchUp models can cause LayOut to take a long time to create the thumbnail for the page. That has been as quick as 30 minutes in one case, and 10 hours in another case. A lot longer than the one or two seconds it should take. If you are curious, try your original file and go to that page as you head to bed. See if it got to the page by the next morning.

Was that chair from 3D Warehouse, and if so, what is the name of the component it downloaded as?

Thanks, I am working on my Layers for Layout mindset, too. Back when I started that drawing I did not pay much attention to them. The later sheets should be better, with the viewports on the Model layer.

I will try Scale Definition.

I really appreciate the feedback. As an audiovisual designer I struggle sometimes trying to communicate the architectural details needed for a clean AV installation. But its a fun struggle.

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Colin–I think it was the Vortex - 4 Leg Tablet Arm Chair.

Yes, looks like it, thanks. It’s 77 feet tall!

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Dave–Scale Definition worked great. Thanks again.

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