PLY File (Pointcloud) from DJI TERRA 2D Export SketchUP

Hello Community,

i have Sketchup Pro, I use DJI TERRA to make measurements from buildings. 3D

In DJI TERRA I can export Pointclouds etc. and I finally found out how to do it so that I can open it with Sketchup.
My question now is how can I export a .DWG file from SketchUP in 2D from this file?

Files - Export does not work its not available

Does anybody know?

Is there any geometry to export or is it just a cloud of guidepoints? Maybe you could share a sample SketchUp file?

it looks like this. i cannot upload the file i dont know why.

after i import the file it transforms into a .rwp file.

Very likely it’s too large to upload directly.

Looks like this is a Scan Essentials thing. I don’t believe there is any geometry, as in edges and faces to export in a vector format.

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