Plugin Touch Orbit

I released a small Plugin call “Touch Orbit”. The script used the Overlay feature of SketchUp API 2023 to help users easier in orbit and pan while modeling, even while another tool is running.

Release Note:

Plugin: Touch Orbit

Version: 1.0.0

This tool is designed to help SketchUp users who work with touch pads or touch screens to easily orbit the model while modeling. With the new Overlay feature in SketchUp 2023 API, we were able to create a simple and intuitive tool that takes full advantage of touch controls, providing a more immersive and efficient SketchUp experience. Whether you’re using a laptop with a touchpad or a tablet with a touch screen, Touch Orbit is a good tool for anyone looking to streamline their SketchUp workflow.

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*Get the plugin here:

Product Specs:

  • Compatible with SketchUp 2023 or later

  • Requires the Overlay feature in SketchUp 2023 API

  • Works with touch pads and touch screens

  • Provides an intuitive touch-based orbit control for 3D models

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

  • Lightweight and fast performance

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I treated you to a beer, but at $1 I imagine it will be a small beer.

Is there a way for the touch orbit button to go to under the cursor? As it stands it looks like the button sits there all the time, in the middle of the screen, and you can only orbit around the geometry that happens to be behind the button at the time.