Plugin Toolbars not docking in areas other than upper area

Not sure how I managed to do it before, but for some reason I am now not able to dock new plugin tools by dragging to the area I’d like the toolbar to be in.

I can only double click on the title of the toolbar, which docks the toolbar to the upper area. I can then carefully drag it around that upper area, but if I move it toward the bottom area, it pops out and won’t re-dock. Double clicking puts it back in the upper docking area. I prefer to keep all 3rd party plugin toolbars in the lower area.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I did install as admin.

I’m on the latest version:


I haven’t had any problem putting toolbars where I want them. They seem to go just fine.

There is a Qt bug with docking toolbars. It has to do with a Win system setting for “show window contents while dragging” (or similar.) I think if your system is set to only show the window outline, then it is difficult to impossible to drag & dock toolbars.

See this post with screen snip by @dezmo

Also, same thread, Paul suggests that it is important where you grab the toolbar with the mouse:

FYI: We are talking toolbars here, not tools. A tool is what toolbar buttons often activate, … an interface with which you use the mouse to interact with the model or it’s viewport.

Thank you Dan!

You were exactly right. I re-activated “Show windows contents while dragging” and my docking feature works just fine now.

Thanks again!


tools vs toolbars noted :slight_smile:

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In the past, I have found it best to leave the settings for visual effects set at let Windows decide…