Plugin Developer Wanted - Well Paid

I have two plugins currently live and we use them in our Architecture office as well as sell them. They are:

  • Layers Organizer
  • Cross Reference Organizer
    My developer has been excellent and we have had a great working relationship over the last 2 years or so, but his day job now requires more of him and so he can’t continue to devote time.
    So I’m looking for a new developer.
    The task:
  • Finish updating and debugging the plugins for SU2019
  • Provide ongoing support in maintaining the plugins

You would get a handover from the developer and I’d be happy for you to reference check me as a client with him.
I can say that I pay a good hourly rate, pay on time and am easy to deal with.
If you’d like to understand what the plugins do, please check out the videos on these pages:

If you have significant experience with developing plugins and are interested or want more detail, please PM me or contact me on



Hi George,
I can help you with above plugins, please get in touch:

Best regards,

Hi George,
I can help you with above plugins, please get in touch: what language do you require. i can write in 7 different codes.

Best regards,

HI Luke,
I have a developer now.

Still early days.

If it doesn’t work out, I’ll be in touch.


can i have a seek peek of what you are doing?
might be able to give you some advise.

kindest regards

Kim Patrick

Hi KIm,

There is no new functionality in our plugins - you can see those anytime.

The dev is concentrating on a number of bugs.

Thanks for the offer, but it would be clunky to bring another party in right now.


Not a problem Yorg
Kindest Regards