Plugin Curic Installation - SketchUp 2022 - M1 mac

Hi Archinick

I have the same problem, I contacted Curic and got an email back saying that he was working on it as I had requested my purchase back. I have kept it (Curic Section) for the moment to give him a chance to fix it but it has been a while now, and it wasn’t clear that it wasn’t compatible on his site. I will give it another week or so and then contact him again (and will post here)

all the best


I did it too but with rosette and sketchup 2022 it becomes unmanageable with obvious lag …

Keeping this thread alive.

One of my most used plugins. Workflow is so bad without it.

Hoping an update comes soon.

Just got an email back from the Curic people.

A beta version of the M1 Curic Stretch is now available. haven’t checked on the others yet.

Where can I find it?

It’s in Beta, so if you have a previous license, you can follow the link in the email you were sent and log in and you will see the new version.

I have the curic studio license which also includes stretch but I didn’t receive the email

You should email Curic. I think you can go thru their website contact or look for the Curic Stretch video on YouTube. There is a comment in that video with their email address.
He was very quick to respond last night. He can get you sorted out.

Already done I hope he will answer me shortly it has been more than a year that I have to use the version with rosette compared to the native one with various problems …