Plugin Artisan 2 settings menu does not open

Hello, everyone. I have a problem with the MindSightStudios plugin “Artisan 2” which I downloaded in the free trial version. I would like to point out that I also use the “Bevel” plugin from the same manufacturer and everything works correctly. The problem I am experiencing is that the settings menu does not open and therefore many operations are impossible. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions to solve this problem? I include a picture of the Bevel setting menu to make it clearer how it should also open in "artisan 2 " while in reality nothing opens. Thanks

hello, it is possible that the dialog appears Off the screen. Do you have multiple monitors or often switch from single monitor to multiple and vice versa ?

if you do, close sketchup unplug your external screen, launch sketchup. Try to open dialog. then plug your external screen back.

you could also try resetting workspace in preferences > workspace

Hi Paul.
Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I have already tried but it does not work out.
I’ve also tried reinstalling Sketchup 2023, deleting the plugin and installing it again, I’ve tried alt+spacebar to select the setting window and then move it to the screen but these are all unsuccessful attempts.

Thanks anyway.

Have a nice day.


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