Plug Ins - Reinforcement modeling

Hi, All…

Back again!

I am wanting to model reinforcement and have watched this helpful video hoping for an easy guide, however the chap here relies on many plug ins to achieve this…

Do you know which they are and where they can be found?

Is there another way of being able to create cylindrical radii to form bent shape codes?

I’ve bought and installed ‘Profile Builder 3’ thinking this would do the trick but it’s a brick wall I’m afraid. - If this is a tool to use to model rebar, I’m not sure quite how.

Once more I humbly throw myself at the wise people.

Thank you


I agree with Box. Everything he did to create that stirrup can be done with native tools. You don’t really even need Weld to make it although it can be easier select the path if the edges are welded…

Thanks All…

Think I’ll be watching some tutorials later…

I did manage to get the plug ins and it works quite well, if a little long winded.

I guess I need to know more about the short cuts and tools to find the internal method…



Might be worth going through the Square One videos. You can do an awful lot with just the native tools before you need to break out any plugins.

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The programming part can get time consuming with PB3, sometimes I go for the 20-80 approach:
Getting 80 percent of the object real quick and add the last 20 % manually:


Here’s the file:
betonbalk.skp (164,0 KB)