Plug in location and installation

Thank you. One last question: once i download Make, do i uninstall SU 8 so there is no conflict? I appreciate forum experts that help by answering all questions in a timely manner and don’t make you look like a fool for asking them. Dave was also very helpful.

I’ve kept all my old versions, so you can leave both. Dave’s actually more knowledgeable than I, but he’s a Windows guy. I’ve been using Macs since 1985.

Each version of SketchUp installs separately from other versions. Yes, you can keep 8 when installing 2017 Make.

I can think of very few reasons to keep v8 once you have installed Make 2017.

Solid Tools are included in v8 if you have a license for the Pro version, but not in Make once the Pro trial expires after 30 days. So if you needed to use Solid Tools, you could save your new 2017 models back to v8 and use Solid Tools there.

And some import/export options in v8 Pro aren’t available in Make.

Otherwise, pretty well everything else is better in Make 2017.

And it will open all your v8 SU files.

Thanks John. Good information.

I finally downloaded SketchUp 2017 Make. But the error message tells me i have to update drivers on my graphics card to Open GL 3.0 or better from Open GL2.1 or upgrade the graphics card to to support Open G L 3.0. What is your suggestion?

Go to the website of the graphics card’s manufacturer and download the latest drivers for your graphics card. Then install them, reboot your computer, and restart it. Hopefully that will take care of it.

Hi Dave,
I checked with my computer guy and he tells me that the CORE i3 CPU graphics card on my HP laptop cannot be updated to Open GL 3.0 . I would have to buy a new computer with a newer CPU that supports 3.0 or better. Since i can’t afford that investment i have to stay with SU 8.

Well, that’s unfortunate but at least you have SU8 to use. Limited though it is, you’ll probably be able to manage OK.