Please Update msg

when launching s4u scale tools I get a pop up that says - SketchUp-Please update. I’ve re-installed the plug-in with no joy. What does SketchUp want me to update?

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SketchUp itself I think.

I just updated to the 2022 version today

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Show a screen shot of the message you are seeing.

Please update your forum profile. It says you are using SU2020.


Looks like something from an extension. Did you copy extensions from an earlier version?

The message is from the S4u-scale extension, not SketchUp.
Check the extension Warehouse for a newer version.

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When I installed the upgrade to the 2022 version a couple of days ago I also installed the latest version of the plug-in so I believe I’m current on both Sketchup and s4u. Also- I was getting the same message prior to the upgrade (for ~4 months - I use the app irregularly).

Is there a set of core libraries that maybe provide math or trig functions that might need updating?

Sounds like a problem with the extension being able to know what version is latest.
You can try to contact the author (but in the past it has taken quite awhile to get a response.)