Please let me use 2016

I purchased 2016. I need to use it on my other laptop. When I install 2016 i get invite to 2017. I don’t want 2017. In 2017 I cannot even explode a group. It does something really weird with the drawing, rounding all the edges. I bought 2016 why can’t I use it?

There’s no reason you can’t use SketchUp 2016 Pro on your computer. You can certainly ignore the invitation to use 2017.

There’s no reason that should be. Exploding groups in 2017 is exactly as it is in 2016. It’s still exactly the same in 2021, too.

Share an example .skp file that shows this. That’s not something that Sketchup would do natively.

Do keep in mind that features like the 3D Warehouse and Add Location haven’t been supported for SketchUp 2016 for years.

I told the license system to resend your 2016 license, in case you didn’t have it. We don’t have a download link for 2016 anymore, it’s way past not supported, but I have seen links to an archive of the installer in the forum.

You should be able to install 2016 on the other laptop, and add the license that just arrived in an email.

Oh wait! I made a mistake. The system will have sent you your 2017 license. I will send a message to you with the 2016 license in it.