Please I need help entering length distance


Any time I entered 18’ -6” as length dimension it says invalid length entry. Please I need help. Thanks.


I thought it was the hyphen that stopped it working or the space but all of these work for me:
18’ -6"


Enter 16.5’ or 222"


You’re using 2 single-quotes '' instead of one double quote " for the inch part of the length.


That’s possible. I’ve seen students do that.


18’6 works just fine


I would suggest 5638.8mm …


18’6 works just fine

Only if the units are set to inches, other wise you get 18’ plus 6 model units.


Personally I’d wait until the OP actually shows any interest in the answer.


Oh you mean I have to set up my program to tell it to do what I want it to? Well that’s weird!


You kid, but have you ever had to explain when to single-click and when to double-click to someone who didn’t grow up using computers? Especially since online apps can be indistinguishable from desktop apps. How about explaining why clicking the icon of a floppy disk saves to the hard disk in programs? How many ways are there to copy a file? How many things can go wrong for each way?

Computers and software are complex - there’s a lot of ways to do things, but a lot more ways of doing things wrong.

I bet if you ask @DaveR he could give you 100 examples of how people were having some problem with SketchUp that you could never have imagined having yourself.


You are totally right. And he’s probably had to do it 3 times. I have to be retrained every day. Advances have made it possible for DaveR to save his helpful tips in links etc. so when I ask him what I asked him 3 times he points me to a link called “What I told you yesterday”. He’s been doing it since 1990 :)… I think.


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