Please help with 1001bit sketchup plugin

please help with 1001bit sketchup plugin

What’s the problem? What help do you need? Only repeating the thread title in the body of your post doesn’t provide enough information to be able to help you.

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what I need is the plugin softcopy or setup so that I can install on my pc

What do you mean by “softcopy”?

Did you look in the Extension Warehouse?

I tried it but am having challenge of creating account and login

What’s the challenge? Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2019 Pro. If that’s the case you should already have a Trimble account. Your license would be connected to that account.

I have just replied to another post by this brand new forum member, admittedly a bit facetiously.

It’s difficult to know if he/she is genuinely needing help or just toying with us. Could be a language barrier issue.