Please help to recover an "invalid" file

hi, my recovered file is not possible to open - says “invalid file”.
Is there someone who can try to recover it? would be deeply thankful!!!

Have you tried opening the .skb backup file?

Says invalid

Vänliga hälsningar / Best regards,

Caroline Rönnberg | CEO

Can you put the file online somewhere, and give me a link to it? If the SKB also shows as invalid (after you have renamed it to .skp and test it that way), then you only need to upload the latest version.

Hi Colin, I have the same issue. Would you be able to help with my file or direct me to the right place?
Here is a link. I loaded all my files here. I can see the image when I click on the icon so I don’t think all is lost…

This has about 30 MB of components and materials recovered. The scene is empty.

Hi @colin,

If you can assist in recovering this file that would be much appreciated. It went into invalid for no reason as it was just saved.


As with most cases, although I managed to recover 135 MB of the 158 MB file, there is nothing in the scene. There are a 113 components, 636 materials, and strangely 176 tags. Did you import CAD or other format models, that would explain why there are so many tags?

Hopefully some of your components are ones that include a lot of other components, otherwise you will have a lot of relaying out to do.

Hi Colin, I’m having trouble with my file which is ‘invalid’ . I’ve spend many hours on drawing it, can you help recovering it?

Sonja, you need to put an ‘at’ sign before Colin’s name to make sure he gets a notification of your request - as in pinging @colin.

I can try, put the file somewhere and reply with a link. Or if it’s a small file you can add it to your next reply.

John, I see all forum posts! But, the @ does make it easier to notice the ones where I’m being asked for an opinion.

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I thought you probably did, but as this is an old thread, I wasn’t sure if you would notice without the ping. Thanks for the reassurance.

@Colin @john_mcclenahan thanx for t @ tip :slight_smile: I’ve attached my file in this link, hope you can put it back to life

I have the file, thanks. The ways that I can sometimes rescue a file are not working, but one of the developers is taking a look at the file. I will give you an update after that.

Here is the recovered file:

Your file showed up an issue, which we will fix. The issue is to do with the maximum length that a folder name can be, and for each material in the file there is a corresponding folder that holds its details.

I think that the limit is 260 characters, and you had a material named:

“Original art print, perfect to decorate your home or of. We can print custom sizes too! Framed Mid century Print - Abstract art living room art Retro geometric art Scandinavian print Minimalist abstract Wall decor Midcentury. We can print custom sizes too! Framed Mid century Print - Abstract art living room art Retro geometric art Scandinavian print Minimalist abstract Wall decor Midcentury”

Only the first 260 characters of that survived, and led to the issue. In the recovered file the material name is shortened to:

“Original art print, perfect to decorate your home or of.”

Where did you get the material from, that had a 394 character long name?


:slight_smile: I only get the materials from warehouse but the original drawing was not done by me so maybe there are some strange materials included…

Do you know which models in the 3D Warehouse had the materials you used?

not exactly, is it important for the recovery? I can use other ones if their lost.

I already gave a link to your recovered file:

The link will expired in 4 days.

I was asking about the material so that I could fix the model in 3D Warehouse, so that nobody else runs into the same problem.

ah maybe I can check if there’s a history in downloads in my 3D warehouse. When I find it I will come back to you. Thank so far for recovering my model…