Please help me!

My computer crashed!! Did I lose all of my sketchup models?? They were only saved to my hard drive but I thought that they were available through Trimble connect somehow?? Are they gone forever?

If you are using SketchUp Pro, your model files would only be saved in your Trimble Connect account if you publish them to that location. Otherwise they are only saved on your local drive or wherever you choose to save them.

What was the crash? Can you not start the computer now? If you can’t get the computer to start up you might take it to a data recovery service and see if they can recover your files for you. I’ve had a couple of hard drives fail over the years. One of them was recoverable, the other wasn’t. Now I back up my files on a second drive in my computer.

Okay and I didn’t save them there… so they’re gone?

Maybe not. Maybe they can be recovered from the hard drive. What have you done to the hard drive since your computer crashed?

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It has not been stated explicitly, so can you confirm that your computer cannot be rebooted - it is no longer functional at all? If it is dead, then take good care of the hard drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) within the computer. You may be able (with expert PC assistance) to remove the HDD/SSD from the dead computer and access it from a different computer.