Please Help (How to start a project)

Please help,

I have just purchased Sketchup Shop and I cannot see how to navigate to the page where you start a project, through the Sketch Up homepage.

I am logged in.

Open in your browser

Thank you sooooo much

You also should have received an email with a link to your AMP
(Account Management Portal)
Check your spamfolder if necessary
You can fire it up, from there, too

In addition to going straight there, from the profile menu in the upper right of is My Apps. On the my apps page you can choose Launch next to the SketchUp for Web entry.

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That’s great! (Should Shop have it’s own separate entry, below the Free web launch button?)

It only has one button for the web version, and not one for either Free or Shop. What you get to depends on what account you’re sign in on.

Thank you .

People don’t get that, they pay for Shop. You wanna see what you bought.