Please advise, which sim card do you recommend for the 3D Basecamp?


Hi to you all,
I’m coming from Israel and I would like to have a good sim card for the entire trip.
please advise, which phone company should be good for calls & data at the 3D Basecamp?
And by the way, do we have a WIFI at the 3D Basecamp?


You may find some useful information at the following link:

Best Sim Cards when traveling to the U.S.

I am confident that WiFi will be available @ 3D Basecamp. Marriott hotels typically provide this as a service to all hotel guests.


Thanks :wink:


Be aware that with the huge number of people attending Basecamp, the hotel’s WIFI service is likely to be strained. We’ve seen that at previous Basecamps with far fewer attendees.


No opinions myself, but I just ran across this on Quora:


It might also be worth to check roaming costs for your provider and do some calculation.
In my case, with moderate consumption, I think I’ll still be far below the prices of a temporary US SIM card.


This, most providers will offer good deals you can either purchase as a temporary package or already included in your contract. Then you don’t need to get a new number, important if you want to network etc.


Thank you all for your help.
The thing is that my provider is charging almost twice as much than AT&T .
I think I’ll take the AT&T prepay plan for 40$ and that should give me enough for what I need… talk and data including hotspot for the laptop.


Well that could be a bummer. Hopefully, my mobile hotspot will be a good alternative.


We will have conference Wi-Fi that is different from the hotel’s Wi-Fi.