Playground project



We decided to add extra beams on the base. That made framing easier and allowed to add a floor.

Made a few little changes to the structure as well. Now there is a third floor in the attic space.

This week we laid the foundation and assembled the frame.


Here it is!

We finished all the construction in May, but were able to end the paint job only in late August.
My wife and mother in law made the nest swing by themselves.
The kids have been really enjoying the playhouse up until late October.
The dogs have already managed to chew off the lower handles of the swing ladder :slight_smile:


Here is an animation of the design.
For the final video Iā€™d like to combine the SketchUp output with the previous video and add some dimensions.


Good luck combining them both that will be cool!


Here is the finished video.
Added some progress pictures to the story as well.

The next step would be to cut out some games with CNC to add to the inside wall of the sand box.