Plans nearly final for Pre-Bootcamp Dinner Sunday, 9/23


Technically Liam and I are here and just checked in. He’s not inclined to join. I may not be up for it either. I’m beat. I suppose we should ask who’s hanging around?


Yeah I don’t have the energy to go out to dinner I’m afraid, but I will be in the hotel bar at some point.


I’m sitting in the lobby bar as we speak.


And how do we find each other in the lobby bar? I can see if I can locate a red rose to or SketchUp for dummies book to place on the table :wink:


What do you look like? I’ll stand on my table


Sorry. Moved to Rockwood for dinner.


I have to use this shuttle bus I guess to get back.


Well @RTCool and a few others will be back here later I think


I’m back in the lobby bar.


I just came back from dinner and I’m coming down to meet you.


Ha its difficult to recognise anybody…!


I think you have your back to jvl and I am perpendicular to both of you.


Ctrl + Z :arrow_down:


Time to leave for BaseCamp…@Last!
If all goes well, we will be there Monday in the evening
Hope to see some real ones


A good time was had by all! Food was delish - and the company fascinating!