Plans nearly final for Pre-Bootcamp Dinner Sunday, 9/23


Good Morning.

ok so the car rental didn’t go as planned.

Why Not?
i’m under the age of 25 and they require a major credit card for those under the legal age limit.
I tried Hert’s and Enterprise and they both have the same policies.
there’s also Avis across the street from the resort. they were completely sold out yesterday when I checked and they are the only one open on Sundays,

My apologies but I guess we’ll just have to share Uber?


We’ll work it out somehow!

Just show up. 6:30 at the conference registration area and we’ll see what happens.


Hi @junior
I just notice to this dinner plan :smirk: and I understand that you don’t have a ride to the restaurant.
I think I will be able to come too and if you want I can pick you up wherever you stay.
you can call me at 760-895-8353


I’m now definitely out, as they had to change my flight and I won’t even land until after 6 :rage:


Do you land at PSP Airport?
If so, do you need a ride to Palm Desert?


I met Larry Belk at DFW. Do you have room for two? If not we’ll Uber. Thanks!


Yes, I have room for two. When do you land at PSP Airport?


AA 2709 due at 6:07. Thanks!!!


O.K … my phone number is 760-895-8353
I’ll be waiting for you at the exit.


You are too kind! My cell is7817243617


I’m finally in my cheap motel on the outskirts of town. Tired, but AC works, the room is clean, and I made the reservation for Casuelas Café in Palm Desert. They have it as 12-15 people arriving at 7:15 PM.

@Oshri: I see you’re picking up @slbaumgartner and one other person at the airport. Why not just head straight for the restaurant? If by chance you’re early, there’s a bar. A bit late? No problemo! Just ask for the Steve Dorst party! If you make it - great! If not, Oh Well. And if we turn out to be more than the 15 without you, I’m sure you can get a table nearby! Keep me up to date by Cell: (970)-DORST-42 - preferably by text in case I’m driving when you reach out.

Since @Junior’s car fell through, as of right now we have only my car confirmed. Carries 5 including me. 2 other cars are still “maybe”. If they make it, they’ll each come with two people and have room for two more.

So we’ll have to see what happens when we meet. Worst case is more people have to share Uber than anticipated.


For @Oshri - and anyone else who might go straight to the restaurant:

We’ll be at Casuelas Café:
73703 CA-111,
Palm Desert, CA 92260


Thanks for the address and for all your effort to make this party :slight_smile:


Casuelas Café is the name in case you want to really find it lol


We will be at the conference registration area at 6:30 and will have room for two in our car for a ride to Casuelas Café PHone 760-861-7818 if you need to call me. Planning on a great time meeting everyone.


I stand corrected!! And I’ve edited my two most recent uses so people reading them for the first time don’t have to read the wrong info!

I’m just tired. In the last 36 hours I’ve driven 600 miles, rode my bicycle for 16 miles in two rides, visited two Presidential libraries. Not to mention eating and sleeping! Now I’m getting caught up on the forum before diving into the shower and heading for the JW.


Just giving you a hard time! You’ve done more in 36 hours than I will do in the next year and I totally want to hear about the libraries. See you there


Are shorts allowed there?


They sure better be because we’re in the desert and I have a different pair for each day in Palm Springs.:sunglasses:


I saw no dress code on their website.