Plan layover

Is there a way to lay a truss plan over a model similar to xref’s in auto-cad? I am trying to check a layout that I received from the truss manufacture and would like to dump it in the model to see if everything lines up.

Thanks for the help.

Ryan F.

You should be able to. In what format is your truss plan?


I am converted it into a JPG and imported it but haven’t figured out how to make it transparent so I can see the model through the JPG. I thought maybe a water mark would work but I can’t seem to reposition or scale the watermark to fit over top the model.

I am currently running Sketchup Pro 2018

I’d import the DWG/DXF into a seaparte SketchUp file and make sure it’s set up as you need. Then copy the component into your plan SketchUp file.

I will give that a try.


Worked great!!! Thanks

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