Placing models in Google Earth

Layer 0 checked off as visible with an orange colored box next to it.

test.kmz (18.1 KB)

Hope you can see my file now. I just see a download indicator so I guess you have to download it.

Re layers, you should have a snap shot layer and terrain but is not loading;

Test.kmz file does not show any geolocation using SU 2015. I changed kmz to zip and then extracted .dae and klm files… KLM file appears to have some location data in it but, I do not know what it is so could not check.

I did go back to SU version 8 and the test file is showing geolcation. However before importing it to SU 8 I also used windows explorer, selected kmz file, selected properties and then unblocked. Doing at this level unblocks both the dae and klm files. I’ll have to repeat this with new download tomorrow.

Su 8 still works OH without the unblock and no joy with Su 2015, SU 2014

Huh? Now I’m really confused. What am I doing wrong?

When I stated geo lccated it was based on what su was reporting.
It reports 40.01700N, 105.283000W which is boulder CO. I input those numbers into Goole Earth and verified the location. In SU8 in file, geolocation , add more imagery the following. did see this error once 404 server did not find url. I get the snapp shot but it does not appear the terrain data is attached hence the error. For my home location the terrain data shows also.

What does this mean? What should I do?

The pic shows the test model you posted as shown in SU8. The background is the snap shot of the local environment for the model location. ;

Other post above give info on what you can do;

You do not what to change from SU8 to newer version ; Why don’t you model a test case for yourself and see if version 8 does what you want to cover in your class.
I think you should be ok using 8 but that is your ultimate decision.
You school does not have IT support to help you if you decide newer versions are need?

No IT support. I need to know what steps to take to get a model into GE as far as steps between SU and GE.
If someone could write those steps out or direct me to a good video on youtube it would be much appreciated!

The internet is a very powerful search resource and that is one thing students need to learn unless they are too young. Programming & Web Design Articles - dummies.
Surprise no IT. My daughter is principal of very small school in Glenwood Springs CO and she has IT support I would guess through the district.
Start SU8=> import your test model =>File Geolocation=>Select Add Imagery=> ZOOM WAY IN THE SMALL RECT IS MAX SIZE=> grab or you can use pins to select smaller area=> your model is on top of building at 926 Pearl ST in boluder. You can also get the lat,long in windows=> model info=. geolocation=> the window layer has both the snap shot and if you import a large portion of terrain in will show some over on the left some terrain if you enable that visibility. You should spend some time getting familiar with Google Earth both the layers and places

The steps in that tutorial (your link) specify that once you grab the region the pop up window should dissappear and the terrain should end up in your SU file. That’s the whole problem. Doesn’t dissappear and doesn’t show up in SU. Could this be a problem with settings in my comp?

Can you import your test model to SU8 and what version of 8 are you using?. I have been using SU 8.0.16846.0 release date of 12/19/2012 which is maintenance release 5;
Can you add imagery to that and what do you see ?;
If you can add imagery in the previous step can you zoom to the small rect to see the Boulder snap shot?
I think you have been getting to this point make sure you are up to date on GE ( my version is and SU 8. It sounds like some thing( Fire Wall , anti-virus) is preventing load of the imagery, are you running as admnin?
Try to grab small area around the west end tavern, wait a few secs while jpg of that area should load into your model. If nothing shows up check windows layers and toggle visibility