PlaceMaker Translators Wanted



We are looking for translators for our new extension PlaceMaker for the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • Italian

If you are interested, please send me a PM. Thanks!


We are still looking for Japanese and Italian translators if anyone is interested.

There are only about 200 strings to translate. All translators receive a permanent license for PlaceMaker.


I would do German if still open.


Thanks for the offer - but German is already done! :slight_smile:


can offer a proof reading * vbg *


I’ve offered Korean, but already done as well! :weary:


I can do Dutch if you like


Thanks for the offer - Dutch is already done!


I can do Strayan.


Thank you for your responses!

We have filled all of the translator positions. Be on the lookout for the release of PlaceMaker coming very soon!