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Hi everybody, I need your help!
I am using the SketchUp Pro 2015.
I downloaded and installed the 2017 SketchUp Make in order to use the PlaceMaker demo, as it is not working for the 2015 version. After I used the demo I uninstalled it from the SketchUp Make 2017 but looks like something have gone wrong and affected my 2015 Pro version.
Every time I start the 2015 SketchUp, an warning notification appears saying that:
“SketchUp 2016 or greater is required to use PlaceMaker”


Even the complete uninstall of the 2017 version didn’t helped.
How can I get rid off this starting notification?
Thank you

Quit SketchUp (both versions)

check this location:

C:\Users*YOURUSERNAMEGOESHERE*\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 201*\SketchUp\Plugins

Remove DM_Placemaker.rb and the folder DM_Placemaker

Check the (hidden) ProgramData folder on your C: drive


Remove Placemaker folder

does this help?

Start SketchUp.

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Haha, it worked!
You are a magician, thank you!

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