Pixel problems?

What is that? How can I fix it? At first it worked properly, but then it became fuzzy (and it’s hard to watch and do anything). Layout is clear. I have downloaded pro (problems began), now I have free version (problems continues).

Tools and other things in the edge are clear, but “paper” is full of small dots, lines are fuzzy and dashed (although they aren’t).

It’s an issue with your graphics drivers. Try updating them and see if the behavior changes.

Additionally, you can run SketchUp Checkup and see if it gives you an error or warnings.

Checkup finished, errors found graphics card. So I try to update them. Thanks! :slight_smile:

this is a common display output issue (OpenGL) with AMD Radeon drivers. If the latest driver version doesn’t fix the issue you may want switch to something decent as e.g. a nVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti/1060.

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