Pixar's Renderman for sketchUp

Pixars has released a non commercial version of their program Renderman. I asked A sale’s rep over at pixars if they are going to make a plugin for sketchup. He said: ,

At this time, there is no bridge for Sketchup to RenderMan, however we
do publish the API’s to allow 3rd party developers to write such a

Our primary focus at Pixar’s RenderMan Group is to develop rendering for
feature film visual effects and animation, and our supported
applications, RenderMan for Maya, and RenderMan for Katana reflect that.

With the upcoming release of Free Non-Commercial RenderMan, we are
working with many third party developers, both independent developers
and 3d application developers to provide them access to the resources
they need in order to create their own interfaces to RenderMan from
their own applications. We would certainly welcome the team from Trimble
to develop a bridge from Sketchup to RenderMan, or even a 3rd party
developer, however it is not something on our own internal roadmap at
this time.

Now the real question here, Has anyone ever made a bridge to renderman for sketchup?