Pipe Line Following a gradiant on earth surface

Hi Could any one make a suggestion…
I have a terrain model with contours marked.
Now I want to run a pipe line (about 2 km) more or less following an even grade on the surface of earth (or say 1.5 meters below surface). the gross height difference is 130 m over length of path.
Essentially we want pipe to follow the even gradient.
How could we do this in Sketch up.
The application is the layout of a pipeline for a hydroelectric plant.
Thanks in advance.

If the line is straight, you could place a section cut where the line is going to pass, right-click on it and select “Create group from slice”. Then move the resulting group down by 1.5 m and use the chain of edges as a path fot the FollowMe tool. If the line is not straight, you could do the same with a group of vertical faces and the Intersect With Model function.

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