Phrasing of bugpslat

The phrasing of the default bugsplat error message has some room for improvement.

The message reads as following:

Please visit the “Crash troubleshooting steps” section of this article for some general information on troubleshooting crashes.

Note: this is our default SketchUp crash response. If we have specific information related to the crash you are seeing, you will see a different response.

This is a quite noisy phrasing where the second paragraph serves only to clarify what could have been clear from the start. It’s the kind of message you typically have to read twice to fully get, rather than just skim through.

I suggest the following, much simpler, phrasing:

For general information about crashes in SketchUp, see this article.

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The second part is also phrased inside out. Instead of telling you about what would happen under other circumstances, it could simply say “We didn’t find a more specific cause for your crash in our database.”

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