Photoshop elements 2024 compatibility

Is photoshop elements 2024 now compatible with Sketchup pro Version 23.1.341?

Compatible how? What is it you’re trying to do with Photoshop Elements related to SketchUp?

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I use Photoshop for editing textures from SketchUp, and so thought that Elements should work the same way. But, I can’t find out how to get Elements to save into the source file. When I do a Save I get a dialog box asking me where I want to save a PSD. I can get JPEG by using Save As, and overwriting the file, but then that doesn’t seem like it’s the original texture, and SketchUp doesn’t update the image.

I searched for a solution, but didn’t find one yet. It’s looking like Photoshop Elements is not able to open an image, make changes, and save back into the same file.

If you can find a way to do that, then it should be usable with SketchUp.

I ran into this years ago with Photoshop Elephants. It does require using Save as … and as I recall you have to make sure the right color profile is selected. I was happy to find something else to use instead of PSE that is easier and faster.

My old Photoshop CS5 behaves exactly the same way. It always defaults to PSD.

Interesting. I’m on Photoshop 2024, and a normal save makes the changes show up right away in SketchUp.

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