Photo Texture grabs wrong portion of the source image

I’m creating some 3d models for google earth.
When I have to apply the photo texture:

  • I select the surface and right clic
  • select “Add Photo Texture”
  • the Photo Texture window opens
  • I move on my preferred street-viewpoint
  • I clic on “Select Region”
  • the selection area appears and I move the four blue pins to enclose the exact portion of the source image
  • I clic on “Grab” and… on the 3d model surface I see a different portion of the area I have grabbed.

To be precise it appears to grab a portion slightly above the selected area, i.e. If i select and grab the front face of a building, on the 3d model surface appears an image about 10% above, so on the last floor I see the sky above of the building.
So I have to shift the selection area a 10% below the real image then it… grabs exactly what I want.

I can live with this little issue, but it’s anyway annoying and make me lose time to guess how much shift is necessary to hit the spot.

My sketchup is 14.1.1282 working on Windows 7 enterprise.
Thank you in advance