Photo Rendering Extension for Mac

Can anyone recommend a photo-realistic rendering extension that meets the following criteria:

  • compatible with Mac OSX 11.7 / AMD Radeon R9 M390 2 GB
  • good for turning lights from the warehouse on
  • beginner/intermediate level of difficulty
  • not a million dollars

I’d recommend Enscape or V-Ray. Enscape is a bit easier to learn/get started with right out of the box. V-Ray is more powerful, customizable, and ultimately better quality after you get past it’s learning curve.

System requirements:
Enscape - System Requirements - macOS - Enscape
V-Ray - System Requirements - V-Ray Standalone - Chaos Help

I’m in the process of learning V-Ray myself, but you might also consider SU Podium if you want something simpler. That’s what I started with.