Phantom grey lines

I have phantom grey lines, floating in space, and not possible to erase or influence with any tool. Can anyone tell me what they are, and how to deal with them.

They will either be in a different context (ie inside another group, if you are inside a group at the moment) …or more probably, they are on a different layer. Make sure that you do all drawing on Layer0. You can move groups and components to different layers after that…but not raw geometry. Otherwise you end up with this kind of problem.

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3D polylines (if that’s what they are) can only be selected with ‘window’ selection around head or tail. See if this is the case.
How did you get them in your modeling space?

As always, unless you upload the model for us to examine, everyone is just guessing…

thanks for the reply. I was trying to move two halves of a shape in relation to one another by 1) spliting the shape with a rectangle, 2) intersect faces with model to make the cut, 3) trying to move the two halves separately (difficult because constrained along one axis). I did succeed (see below for before and after), but with yet more phantom lines.

I apologize for not uploading the model: i’m new to the forum, and will work out how to do that.

In both of your images, the component is open for editing. Entities outside the Component are displayed in a faded gray while the Component is open for edit. So those “phantom” lines are ones you created outside the Component at some point (maybe during the intersect operation). The degree of the fading effect is controlled by settings in Model Info->Components.

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Thank you. Your answer helped this raw newbie in 2022 lol.