Phantom components - where do they come from and how can I delete them?

My model has 3 different configurations (with 3 layers per configuration) so I can show it in its working configuration (layers and components prefixed with [W]), folded (layers and components prefixed with [F]) for storage, or partially ([P]) folded to clarify how it folds for storage.

As. I was creating the various components in the various configurations and layers, I ran into a problem where I would go to create/name a component and I’d get an error message that there was already a component by that name and I should pick a different name. So I went to my components list, found the culprit, and changed the prefix from [F] or [P] or [W] to [Z] or [ X]. Then I could create/name my component.

When everything was finished, I used the recycle button to get rid of the unused components but only a few went away. I’ve been all through the model (even digging into nested/components) but I can’t seem to figure out how to show/find these mystery components. Intuitively, I expected to see something like “Highlight Component” when right-clicking a component in the Components list but no such luck.

Can someone please tell me how/where to find/delete these components? And maybe how they were created/what I did wrong?

I don’t see any “phantom” components in your model. The only thing I found is a bunch of incorrect tag usage that I fixed.
Screenshot - 3_27_2021 , 4_52_53 PM

With all the tags turned on, the model looks like this. Seems reasonable to me.

Have you examined the objects in your model to ensure you don’t have multiples stacked on top of each other?

If you use 3D text, it adds a component definition which is named the same as the text itself.
So, you could wind up with some redundancy.

Thank you so much, DaveR! So, were you able to see the components with a prefix of [Z] or [X ], etc.? Because I couldn’t find them (and they’re really not supposed to exist). Or maybe they disappeared when you fixed the tag problems?

Would you mind expanding on “improper tag usage”? Whatever it is I’m doing wrong, I’d like to correct it. I suspect that many of the mistakes came from trying to duplicate components/groups of components to other layers (so that I could show the workbench in 3 different configurations). I feel like I’ve gotten better about doing that properly but there’s still a fair amount of trial and error - and I definitely don’t know he “right way” to do it.

I actually did look for duplicated objects that were stacked on top of each other. I went all through the model, clicked on a component or group, hit my delete key, and if it disappeared (without leaving a copy in its place), then I clicked Undo. It’s possible I missed something buttered are quite a few of the “phantom components”; I don’t think I could have missed more than one or two. I’ll run through the model again, though, and double-check.

With all the layers turned on, that does look exactly right.

Thanks, MikeW! I did notice that, but none of the phantom components that are plaguing me were 3D text. They’re things like hinges and cross-members and rails and stiles.

Have a look at this model, I have pulled all the z,x components out, some may be duplicates some not. I have assigned them to a Tag ‘Stray’ but you can see that due to the geometry within being assigned to other tags they disappear when you turn the other tags off. Which is at the route of what Dave means about incorrect tag usage.
Folding+‘Skinny+Store’+WorkbenchBox.skp (4.3 MB)