Perspective corrected texture to ImageRep

Is any way to get the perspective corrected image of texture as an ImageRep?

SUTextureWriter can export unique textures for faces with non-affine interpolation as a file, but it need to compress the unique image and write it to (temp) file.

Is any way to just get the ImageRep without loosing time, for exporting the image to the temp folder and reading it back to ImageRep?


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I’m ashamed … how could I not notice it … thank you, Dan, you’re great!
(only for my excuse: we tried to cover whole 2017 since M0 and I still using docs from API M0)

Lots of new additions in SU2018. :slight_smile:
(In fact, there are so many change I had not even noticed that new addition myself.)

There is no need to keep using the 2017 M0 SDK. You can use the 2018 SDK and back save the SKP files to v2017.

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