Personal SketchUp Project (LEGO Millennium Falcon)

Thanks for sharing. Keep the updates coming.

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I created a number of them. However, by the time I added in the different colors, the numbers seemed to grow exponentially.

For better or worse, I used 1/16th of an inch for my grid.

Spoken like a true addict :slight_smile:

Here’s my collection of LEGOs … the parts are in layers that are named for the LEGO part numbers:

Yup! Just trying to say that Sketchup makes work fun! Which is something most other software usually fail to achieve. Your hobbying is great work!


Getting T-shirts of this printed right now. :wink:


In my experience, there’s no need to have a unique component just for color. If your component is entirely the default color, it can be colored independently of like components with a single click of the paint bucket. Works with groups too :slight_smile:


Well… Bag 3 almost killed me… The last few pages of Bag 3 introduced Greeblies! In real life these are fun little shapes that you get to snap into odd configurations to bring additional detail to your model… in the life where you have to model each piece with little to no reference… it is… less than fun…

I realized how much I like a good reference image!


Don’t give up keep going! The sooner you build it the sooner we can smash it to bits!


Looking forward for the following bags.

Do you record your screen, for an amazing time lapse?

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I love this idea :slight_smile:

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No… no recording… this is for fun modeling… I don’t want to complicate things with having to remember to record.


Awesome effort and results ! Wondering if, when you’re done, you’ll grab your 3D printer and make your own “physical” set of pieces and build that as well?

I’ve had a couple people ask this! I doubt it… this is a LOT of plastic. Plus, I cannot see reproducing the high tolerances of molded LEGO in an FDM print.

Print the model to scale then, the tolerances won’t play a role anymore…


Maybe the fun thing to do when you’re done is to walk through it with VR goggles as if it were life size.

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Just be careful not to trip on the studs!

what if you drop it?

Perhaps you need think about some sort of grid for components. THan you can easily find them. Perhaps there is an extension or so which could help with this?! You can always add scenes for that, but eventually it will explode i guess. To bad SU still cant properly and easy link files. Than you could use the base scene pure for modeling, with as many scenes as preferred. Than use a different scene for renders.

Hope you will finishes and make cool renders! Hope you also got a phyisical renderer so you can make stunning shots of this puppy :slight_smile:

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Great looking stuff Aaron!
I myself being a total Lego and Star Wars geek understand the love affair with the Falcon set.
I messed around with some of the Lego CAD software a few years back but hated the process. I always came back to my beloved SK. I did find an LDraw plugin that Jim Foltz wrote that worked fairly well. You just had to have the Ldraw part library loaded and you could call up the part you needed by its part number.

I made a few sets from this including the old VW Beetle set and the old Mack Truck set. I even did a few Thea renderings that I was nerdy enough to create a plastic material library with the correct Lego colors. I am including a few of the models I did for your enjoyment. I am happy to share the models with you as well. You will definitely need to document your process for making the Lego parts. That sounds like a real labor of love.


Bag 4 is in the… bag… Dang, that really did not flow as I wanted it to… Anyhow, I finished Bag 4 yesterday. moving forward!


Great, what are those sticker type things on the doorway components?

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