Perpetual License Activation Code No Longer Works

I had to get a new laptop, and mt activation code no longer works. I have 2018 Pro on my desktop, and have the email with the activation code. I got past the no internet connection hurdle, but it says that the activation is no good. With no support, it seems that using on my laptop no longer is an option. And when I get a new desktop, it is toast. Anyone else have a similar problem?

THere have been multiple threads on this topic. There is an issue that is being worked on but apparently not yet resolved. @colin might have a work around for you.

The problem Dave referred to didn’t affect 2018. To get the message about the activation being no good suggests you may be using your 2017 license details. If you did use the 2018 details you then hit another problem, in that you have 2018 already activated on three other computers.

Can you check your oldest computers and see if they still have SketchUp 2018 installed? If they do, remove the license from one of the ones you’re not using SketchUp on anymore.

If it helps, you activated on a Dell and another computer in December 2017, then on a third machine in February 2021.