Permanently turn off text description of right side icons

Loving the Ipad version but there is a little problem, there seems to exist a region over the buttons docked at the right part of the screen, It seems that this region is used to toggle the text describing every button, swiping left and right. The problem is that this area seems to extend far beyond the button and usually interfere with drawing and navigation.
Could be the case to have a option to turn off the text descriptions and let that area of the screen more responsive.


I agree.

Swipe over them to the right.

But they come back. The issue is they keep popping out when you don’t need them.
I would much rather disable them.

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Ah. I get it. You’re talking accidental activation.

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Thanks for reporting this @jaceguay. I see what you mean and I’ve filed a bug in our system.


@jaceguay This morning’s release of v6.1.2 includes a fix that addresses the issue that you reported. It should now be the case that when you have the panel labels hidden, the space that they used to occupy should be available for 3D modeling adventures without the panels getting in the way. Please let us know if you experience otherwise.

Yes I’ve noticed, very nice, thank you.
I upgraded my Ipad (just because of SketchUp :slightly_smiling_face: ) and the larger screen was mitigating the problem, now is ever better.